Saturday, October 17, 2009

Comments from patrons

"If a restaurant is only as good as the chef cooking the food then Cafe Bohemian in Dorset, Vermont is in excellent hands. Each dining experience at Cafe Bohemian has been most satisfying; the food consistently great!
the reason? There is only one chef - the owner Gary Schmidt. All meals are prepared by Gary, ensuring quality.

The Cafe has a relaxing atmosphere and its decor an eclectic mix of original art. Gary's wife Erika is the artist and co-owner. When not waiting on customers, Erika is in her art studio.

Since there is only one chef, Cafe Bohemian is  only open 5 days a week - a fair trade -off once you've tasted the food.
With a well thought out menu that uses the freshest and best ingredients Gary can find, with a staff that is as varied as the menu: Cafe Bohemian is a wonderful excursion into elegant comfort food."
                                                                                   Carol and Tom